European Handball Federation

Project description

As the umbrella organisation for handball in Europe, the EHF is responsible for the organisation and management of the world's most high-profile and competitive handball competitions and events, including the EHF Champions League and EHF EURO events. Together we created a new website that is automated, modernised and optimised for mobile use and digitized the fans’ user journeys through a custom built Marketing Cloud system using Oracle Marketing CX.

The challenge

Over the years, a lot of features were added to the old EHF website. Living through the era of microsites, most of the information was distributed on many different parts of the portal. To showcase the new visual identity of the EHF, the website was redesigned from scratch. A major goal was the consolidation of all information and data in one central hub, powered by Umbraco.

Through a Marketing Cloud system, the EHF can now provide a central place where it can store fan and partners’ data, track customer interactions, track all stakeholders’ data including all teams, players and officials-  including the sharing of this information with other business units. 

Having data on customer interactions will enable the EHF to build up a clearer picture of its fans and stakeholders. It allows for deep insights to identify what the EHF is doing right as well as where it’s weak when it comes to managing its fans and stakeholders. With a Marketing system, the most profitable customers and fans can be identified, with the view to more time being spent targeting them. 

Our approach

To achieve these goals we had two large topics to resolve: create a concept which covers all the organisations' touch-points, departments and competitions, while maintaining a clear future proof digital requirement with the goal of also automating hundreds of processes not only on the EHF's new home but throughout the dozens of user and stakeholder journeys that exist.