An Art Inspired,

Artists Driven,

Full Service

Cloud Agency.

We Build Brands From Zero to One Hundred.

the cake

We’ve spent decades as practitioners building online businesses across national boundaries. We’re committed 
to and only care about the end result.

We know that everything is 
a commodity, so we specialise 
in the only thing that is impossible to commodify:

the Creative Intent.

the butter

We’ve had tremendous success, so we’ve packed what we’ve learned into a few simple packages that any business can bake to succeed.

Customer signals are everywhere.

Can your business effectively interpret those signals and take action to make the most of the customer experience?

We use cloud native technologies to hone in on the Creative Intent so we can better gage the Customer Experience.

the sugar

Our goal is to develop custom solutions for all of your customer journeys:

Marketing cloud

Orchestrate smart, cross-channel marketing for B2B and B2C.

We create data-powered, 
seamless marketing experiences that delight your customers.

Freebutter helps your team increase campaign engagement, personalize B2B strategies, optimize B2C channels, and gain real-time insights.

We initiate:

Digital personalization and optimization
° Real-time actions and insights
° Customer loyalty and engagement programs
° Smart content and authoring
° Unified customer intelligence

Sales cloud

Unify your sales planning and execution processes

Freebutter helps you deliver responsive sales across all touchpoints with cloud native applications.

The modern, unified selling and buying approach of Customer Experience cloud applications that connect sales and commerce to service, marketing, and the entire customer experience.

We provide:

Sales automation with a mobile app
° B2B service
° Sales performance management
° Partner relationship management
° Subscription management

Commerce cloud

Seamlessly support buyers and sellers

Guide and support sellers 
and customers — anywhere, anytime.

Freebutter helps you carve modern, connected B2B and B2C commerce experiences for every step 
of the buying journey.

We create:

Omnichannel digital experiences
° Self-service B2B commerce
° Unified direct and wholesale commerce
° ERP integrations
° Focus on Flexible, API-first & headless

the cherry
on top

Experts Data
Compliance Consultancy

Take action in every moment that matters—from customer acquisition to retention—and everything in between.

We can help your firm maintain a good reputation by ensuring GDPR compliance. Freebutter works with clients to create a practical, bespoke roadmap of the steps to implement and achieve organisation-wide GDPR compliance.

the chefs

Max Papadop
Seb Kaltenbrunner
Oliver Krüger
Tiago Liko

A new home for European Handball

European Handball Federation


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the oven

Our Creative Solution Architects have done all these:


We're a full-service content laboratory for the now. In-home studio furnished with modern equipment make our end-to-end process streamlined and nimble.


With data capabilities of a media agency coupled with the cultural analysis of a creative-driven research firm, we bring companies closer to their customers.

Paid media

Built for today’s market, we value being practitioners on every digital platform we oversee and are focused on driving real business results.


Over 20 writers, designers, photographers, editors, animators and musicians with one common goal: burning business objectives to a crisp.


A one-stop shop for eCommerce business building and marketing across owned dot-coms and marketplaces.

the sous


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